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Wolfskrieger [vɔlfzˈkʁiːɡɐ], Wolf Warriors in English, were a fearsome group of Germanic warriors known for their distinctive battle attire, which involved wearing wolf pelts to embody the ferocity and cunning of these wild beasts. Protecting their loved ones, their homeland, and their honor, they were charging at their enemies with a seemingly rabid intensity, presenting a terrifying sight that struck fear into the hearts of their foes.


For many ancient defenders, the horrifying experience of facing Wolfskrieger on the battlefield likely overshadowed the conflict itself, leaving them with a lingering sense of supernatural dread. These legendary warriors have become emblematic of the cunning tactics and sheer force that defined their triumphs.


Just as these warriors adorned themselves with wolf pelts to strike terror into the hearts of their enemies, our products are designed to empower you with the confidence and strength to prevail on the range or in the field. At Wolfskrieger, we harness the spirit of these formidable fighters to bring you cutting-edge firearm accessories that embody the perfect blend of precision, reliability, and raw power.


Our products are designed for modern-day warriors who seek to elevate their performance while paying homage to the fearless legacy of the Wolfskrieger. The diverse range of meticulously engineered products caters to everyone, whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring marksman and whether it be for self-defense, sport, or professional use.


Our commitment to quality, innovation, and performance reflects the essence of the Wolfskrieger spirit, ensuring that you are always prepared to face any challenge head-on. Embrace the Wolfskrieger way and 'equip the warrior within'.



Where every shot counts, and legends are born

At Wolfskrieger, we believe that every warrior deserves the finest tools to conquer their challenges.


Named after Teiwaz [taɪ̯ˈvat͡s], the Germanic god of war, the Wolfskrieger Teiwaz product line embodies the spirit of courage, strength, and unwavering resilience. Each accessory in our lineup is expertly crafted to empower you with the confidence and control needed to dominate the shooting range, the battlefield, or the hunt.


Although we refer to him as Teiwaz, our northern neighbors favor the name Tyr. Interestingly, did you know that the name of Tuesday is derived from this very deity?


Our Teiwaz Product Line is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, offering a range of exceptional firearm accessories meticulously designed to enhance the performance, functionality, and aesthetics of your weapon. When you choose the Wolfskrieger Teiwaz Product Line, you're not just investing in firearm accessories – you're embracing a legacy of innovation, precision, and craftsmanship that has been trusted by professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Unleash your inner warrior, because 'where every shot counts, legends are born'.


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Wolfskrieger Germany is thrilled to forge an exclusive partnership with Brownells Europe, a globally esteemed supplier of firearms, parts, and accessories. Through this strategic alliance, our state-of-the-art firearm accessories will be accessible to a global clientele. Brownells Europe stands as a beacon of trust and reliability in the industry, making it an ideal partner for all things firearms-related.

Representing Wolfskrieger Germany as its exclusive distributor, Brownells Europe positions itself as the go-to destination for our expansive line of innovative firearm accessories. This partnership not only amplifies our outreach to a wider audience but also solidifies our commitment to delivering unmatched customer service and support.

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